The rich OAK catalog contains the result of an extraordinary collaboration with the Master of Italian design Ettore Sottsass. A collection of 9 + 5 furnishings made in a limited edition of 20 pieces, born in 2002 on the occasion of the “Abitare il tempo” trade fair in Verona.

“Chi ha paura del merkato?”, this is the name of the collection, includes furniture and tables designed with the aim of investigating the living reality of the 21st century.

The fourteen pieces designed by OAK and Ettore Sottsass made their debut in the exhibition “Abitare il XXI secolo” (Living in the XXI century) promoted by the fair and curated by Vanni Pasca and Luca Scacchetti, where couples of architects and companies were entrusted with the task of creating fragments of a house by best representing their idea-product combination, and thus revealing the current domestic dimension.

Ettores Sottsass recounts: «I was invited by the gentlemen who organize the event in Verona called “Abitare il Tempo” together with the furniture industry called OAK Design and of which Mr. Renato Pologna and Mr. Roberto Leoni respectively owner and general managers, to take part in an “off-the-shelf” exhibition or, as the Americans would say, “Off Abitare il Tempo”».

Bright colors and a daring design define furniture that appears as micro-architectures thanks to compositions of geometric elements, and sculpture-tables punctuated by elementary shapes. “Chi ha paura del merkato?” perfectly sums up the thought and planning that made its author famous, translated and shaped by OAK’s artisanal savoir-faire.